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Event Menu

Appetizers Prices (Serves 25pl)
Cheese curds 120.00
Giant Pretzel w/ beer cheese 15.00 each (serves 5)
Kettle chips 40.00
Meatballs w/ house made bourbon BBQ 55.00
Chicken Strips 75.00
Sweet Tots 75.00
Platters Prices (serves 25)
Veggie Platter 60.00
Fruit Platter 65.00
Cheese & Sausage Cracker platter 75.00
Salads Bowls Prices (serves 25)
Inventors House Salad 60.00
Caesar Salad 60.00
Casual Bars Prices (per person) Included
Taco Bar (beef or chicken)2 protein +$2 15.00 served with flour tortilla & fixings.
Pulled Pork Bar 15.00 served in bbq sauce.
Wisconsin Brat Bar 14.00 served with brat fixings
Burger Bar 17.00 served with burger fixings.
***Inventors supplies all napkins, plates, and utensils.

Bar Accommodations

  1. Cash Bar – Guests pay for beverages ordered at menu cost.
  2. Open Bar – Guests order any beverages at menu cost to be placed on one tab.
  3. Limited Open Bar – Guests order from a limited selection of beverages chosen by the host to be added to one tab. (ex.. Beer and wine only)
  4. Drink tokens – Allows hosts to offer a specific number of drinks per person good for any beverages the host chooses at menu cost.

The Space

Bier Hall – accommodates seats up to 75pl (includes space for a buffet)
100 pl (overflow out into the biergarten and bar)
No Charge for reserving space in the Bier Hall. Minimum food and beverages charges do apply.

Space Availability

Mon - Tues available evenings only
Wed - Thurs available afternoons only (available Wed evenings in summer)
Fri - Sun available afternoons and evenings

**For food and beverage minimums and availability, please contact Cameron at

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