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Monday 11AM - 9 PM
Tuesday 11AM - 9 PM
Wednesday 11 AM - 9 PM
Thursday 11 AM - 9 PM
Friday 11 AM - 10 PM
Saturday 11 AM - 10 PM
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Heck yeah, restaurant is open everyday now. Inventors Brewpub is designed to be a family-friendly restaurant that has a brewery attached. The focus is on bringing the community together and food/drink. There are board games and homemade PVC construction set and outdoor games like cornhole available. Similar to most restaurants including Tello's, Beanies, Twisted Willow, Pasta Shoppe, John's Pizzeria, Twisted Grill and Newport Shores, we also have a class B liquor license that allows us to sell beer, wine and liquor. We received our brewers permit in March and have been brewing beer in house ever since.
Nothing has happened, they are still here sharing the building with us. There is large misunderstanding that Inventors Brewpub owns the building (American Legion Hall). This isn't true as the building is still owned by the Van Els-Schanen American Legion Post #82. They are our landlords and we lease the building from them. The Legion still has rights the building for their monthly meetings (as does the Auxiliary, the VFW and the Leathernecks group) as well as their yearly functions like the Annual Spring Fling, Picnic, Disabled Veterans Fish Outing, and their annual fundraiser, etc.
Yes. There is a small 1bbl nano-brewery located in the garage behind the bar/kitchen. Check out the digital beer boards for all our draft beers served fresh.
This is very common question but the answer is more complicated. As a brewpub, we can brew literally any style of beer (not wine, or cider or mead, however). The GABF has about 150+ different styles that a beer can win a medal for. CaptnAdam has brewed over 600 batches of beer and many of these recipes were seasonal or specialty beers. With plans for only 12 beers on tap at once, it's hard to say which of the 150 styles of beer might grace the faucets. Some of our flagship beers include 7 Hills Pale Ale, Edison IPA, Ozaukee Wheat, and SS Porter. Our rotating beers will be something to discover each time you come visit.
CaptnAdam Draeger and his family.
Ray's Clubhouse 82 was the name of the bar that leased the space from American Legion Post 82 before us. The American Legion has had the building for about 70 years. Before that it was a brewery. Really! The Lakeside Brewing Company started in 1847, changing hands and names a few times (Port Washington Brewing Company, Old Port Brewing Co) and it finally closed in 1947 with the oldest buildings being torn down in the 1950's. This building is the last remaining building of the last brewery - the bottle washing house. There still is a dip in the banquet room floor where the main drain existed. The block windows and large black exhaust fan all serve as reminders of when it was more industrial.
Inventors Brewpub is a counter-style service restaurant much like the Dockside Deli here in town. Family and kid-friendly, food is more the focus than the beer or alcohol. (But who doesn't enjoy a fresh local beer?) If you sit at the bar, you will get more traditional bar service but otherwise, order at the bar's order window and we'll give you a customer pager to page you when your order is up. You can pay as you go, or open a tab where we hold a credit card and you can keep it open until you are ready to close it out. There is a self-serve water station in the corner of the bar, as well as self-serve station with napkins, utensils, ramekins and paper-boats for sharing as well as after dinner mints. Just to the right of the condiment station is our trash and recycling receptacles. If something is missing from the station, just tell a team member and they will readily refill or clean as needed.
Yes! We have Howlers(32oz) and Growlers(64oz) available for carry out only.
Yes! See the host or bartender about setting up a time for a tour.

If anybody wishes to taste a beer on draft before committing, there isn't any charge for a single one ounce taste. However, full 4 oz pours of all of our draft beers are available in a Wright Flight for $8 or $10 depending on the strength of the beers chosen. Ask your bartender for more details.

We do have carry-out food. Open container beer/alcohol can be consumed on our front lawn. Unopened cans are allowed to be sold and these can be taken UNOPENED off our premise. After it leaves our premise you are responsible for following laws and rules. Veteran's Park across the street does permit beer but no glass.
Yes, we encourage people to take in the view of Lake Michigan, or experience the (sometimes) free music from the band-shell in Veterans Memorial Park that emanates from across the street. The food can be enjoyed anywhere but the alcohol needs to stay behind the nautical rope barriers to conform with the City's alcohol licensing.
Yes we do, you can read about the details here.
Yes. It starts at 11AM too.
Yes. While we make every effort to support every person, every non-profit and every City event, please realize that the space cannot meet every need or function. The indoor space can hold up to 110 people and outside about the same. The bierhall can usually be used for free if during non-peak hours (lunch or dinner) but even if your group needs the space closed for a private event, there are different priced options available to you. We have even opened this space up during our normally closed days. Contact our General Manager about your specific needs.
We wrote a whole blog post on this one!